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There are numbers in most frames. If you are sending me a message to inquire about something or tell me something about it, please include both any number within the photograph and the name (sometimes just a long number) of one or more of the images associated with that number. Currently everything is just as it is pictured in these images, except the miscellaneous parts which are now boxed. Please see Adobe Acrobat file. My apologies for duplicate images. I ran out of time to pick and choose which were the best and eliminate duplicates.

An old TV repair shop came along when we purchased a piece of real estate. My Dad used to collect such stuff; so I began searching for people who would label this a “great find.” In the family tradition of being a pack rat and a recycler, I have put much time and effort into this endeavor.

Some of items date back to the 1950's,, we think. The shop closed in the 1970's. There are parts and literature from all those decades. I have combed through many people’s websites and learned much from people have shared with me via e-mail. I hope I have sent this message to all those people who were so kind to this vintage TV novice who was nostalgic about the TV’s of her childhood.

The workmen who renovated the building around these bulky relics thought I was crazy for not just taking all of this to the dump so they could work. Please, please help me prove them wrong! Please help me find people, quickly, who would be sufficiently interested in what I have protected for months to prove that the workmen were the ones who were crazy for not seeing that even some of this made protecting all of it worth the effort. More work needs to be done in this old TV shop area, and I am tired of arguing with people who would like to use what used to be someone’s pride and joy to drop their tools on and as work platforms to stand on to reach the ceiling.

I would appreciate:

If you click here, you can view and print out the photo thumbnails and take them with you when you meet with other electronics buffs.

I expect there a quite a few items here of interest to quite a few television and radio buffs. I just am not certain which they might be.

• As I receive inquiries, I will determine the best way to publicize, sell or dispose of these items. • Suggestions would be welcome and appreciated!

Some of the items photographed:

I only made a list of the loose parts (shown spread out on the floor). Please be aware that the items on my lists are described as best I know how. If you look hard at the loose parts scattered on the floor you will likely see what I listed. Please see Adobe Acrobat Reader file.

There are nearly 300 images. I tried to take different angles of many things to try to give answers to questions as to condition. Most of the TV’s have all or most of their components in the back of their cases. I have no idea what specifically is missing, working or not working. There were many knobs scattered around, and I tried to keep them from being discarded. About 20 photos are duplications of each other because I attempted to give them names. Then I decided that it might be more reasonable to just leave them in the order in which they were taken. This way, you might be able to see the angles of a particular item that did not appear when I focused on that particular item.

Thanks again for assisting me in finding the gold nuggets in this huge pile of unknown value.

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA